Did you know that a single moving violation can raise auto rates by 96 percent? A study by insuranceQuotes analyzed the average national premium increase for 21 of the most common moving violations including speeding, failure to yield, and driving under the influence.
Insurance carriers use specific data to show what types of violations are indicative of future risk. They have found a high correlation between violations with large premium increases and future claims behavior. The bottom line is that the riskier the driver, the more expensive your insurance premium will be. In addition to increased premiums, some violations can result in a non-renewal of the auto policy. Some insurance carriers do not want to take on the risk of a driver who has a DUI, a reckless driving ticket or a number of violations on their record.

Insurance premium increases by violation

The average premium increase for a single ticket varies depending on the state you live in. Here are the national and Wisconsin average premium increases for the five most expensive violations:

  1. DUI: 96% (Wisconsin average increase – 41.6%)
  2. Reckless Driving: 87% (Wisconsin average increase – 53.3%)
  3. Speeding 31 mph or more: 31% (Wisconsin average increase – 30.0%)
  4. Speeding 16-30 mph: 29%
  5. Careless driving: 33% (Wisconsin average increase – 38.5%)

How can I save money after a moving violation?

Most states allow plea bargains at traffic court that reduce the violation to some other lesser offense. We recommend you go to court, provided the violation isn’t too severe, to expunge points from your record. This will lower the increase in annual premium to your insurance policy. The court may also allow you to take a course on save driving. You must contact the court before your appearance date to ask about your options.
Note: some jurisdictions will not offer deferrals to courses for certain violations (i.e. DUI, school and construction zone tickets).
The best and easiest way to lower your insurance premiums is to drive safely. Slow down and pay attention while driving! Over time, your insurance carrier will reward your safe-driving habits.
Source: insuranceQuotes.com