Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, OSHA has been citing establishments across industry lines for any workplace health and safety violations related to COVID-19. OSHA announces these new enforcement actions every week.

These weekly announcements offer insight into how OSHA is enforcing compliance with coronavirus-related workplace health and safety guidelines. To date, some of the most common COVID-19 citations that employers have faced include failures to:

  • Evaluate the work environment to determine whether COVID-19 hazards are present or likely to be present.
  • Determine what types of PPE—such as a respirator—are required to protect against workplace hazards.
  • Provide all necessary PPE to staff, ensuring that the equipment is the correct type and size.
  • Train staff on safe usage of PPE and any organizational adjustments that might have rendered previous training outdated.
  • Store PPE in a way that protects against potential damages or contamination risks.
  • Develop, implement and routinely update a written respiratory protection program that outlines required, worksite-specific procedures.
  • Offer adequate medical evaluations before employees are fit-tested for or utilize respirators.
  • Conduct proper fit-tests for employees that must use tight-fitting respirators.
  • Report any employee fatalities that occurred within 30 days of a work-related incident to OSHA, within eight hours of receiving such information.
  • Maintain required records of all work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Employers like you are responsible for providing a healthy and safe work environment for your staff. OSHA’s COVID-19 resources can help your organization understand and implement necessary workplace health and safety standards during the pandemic.

Be sure to refer to these resources regularly to properly protect your workforce and avoid the costly consequences of violating OSHA standards. For further OSHA compliance guidance, contact us today.

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