Offering Voluntary Life Insurance can be an extremely attractive benefit to your employees. For many people, buying life insurance can be a lengthy process including mounds of paperwork and physical exams.

Providing Voluntary Life Insurance is an opportunity to expand your employee benefits through the convenience of workplace enrollment and payroll deduction of the premium. It also offers an opportunity to allow employees to choose what life insurance coverage they want and need to help secure their personal financial security.

A Voluntary Life policy is owned by the employee so it is portable and the premium does not change. For your employee, it’s convenient, flexible and affordable insurance protection!

Benefits for the Employer & Employee:

  • Expansion of existing benefits with NO direct employer cost.
  • A minimum of 5 employees are needed to put the program in place and to do a list billing.
  • Employees that work over 20 hours a week are eligible.
  • Employees qualify for Guarantee Issue; they cannot be turned down for coverage.
  • Spouses, children and grandchildren qualify for Simplified Underwriting, which means they may not need to take a physical exam.
  • Employee does not have to purchase to buy for other family members.
  • Policies are individual, not group, so they are portable if the employee leaves the company.
  • The employee picks the type of policy (term or permanent) and the amount of coverage they want.

If your organization is interested in providing Voluntary Life Insurance to your employees or if you would like more information, contact us to find out your group life insurance options.