Do I Have Insurance Coverage When Renting a Moving Truck?

Moving is stressful, even when everything goes as planned. But what happens if you get in an accident with the moving truck that you rented? Not only could your personal property be damaged, but you could also be on the hook for repairs with the rental company.

Does my auto insurance policy cover moving trucks and trailers?

In most cases, your personal auto policy will not provide coverage for property damage or liability. However, each insurance company is different in terms of the coverage they provide so it’s best to check with your insurance agent before picking up the rental.

In addition, credit cards typically do not cover damage to rental trucks and trailers, even if they cover damage to rental cars, according to U-Haul.

If your auto policy does provide coverage for a moving truck, there may be exclusions based on the size of the truck. Again, we highly suggest contacting your agent before renting a vehicle.

Options for Insurance Coverage

Even if your personal auto policy provides some coverage, we still advise you to purchase the optional insurance plan through the rental company. Two common options are:

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) – covers damage to other people’s property as well as medical costs for injuries you’re responsible for.
  • Damage Waiver – covers damage to the rental truck or trailer.

Is my stuff protected during a move?

In most cases, your homeowners or renters’ insurance will provide limited coverage for household belongings during the move. Know your policy deductible and how it is applied before the move. This deductible will apply to any claim made for a loss on your belongings.

As always, contact us with any additional questions you have.

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