Hello Neckerman clients! My name is Ryan Waite and I’m an agent here at Neckerman. The past few years I’ve been very interested in energy efficiency, renewable energy, EVs (electric vehicles) and solar panel installation. More clients are purchasing EVs such as Teslas or adding solar panels to their home, which requires a high level of knowledge about these emerging products. I’m certainly no expert on energy efficiency and renewables but I’ve learned a lot along the way. This Eco mini-series will give a few ideas for you to implement to lessen your carbon footprint. The tips will be anything from where you can get free light bulbs or a new water-saving showerhead to recommendations on more efficiently doing your laundry. If you have any tips you think others will benefit from, please email me at rwaite@neckerman.com and let me know!

Focus On Energy

Focus on Energy offers FREE energy-saving products for your home. You’re allowed one free pack per household every 3 years. Residence can be owner or renter occupied (depends on who pays the utility bills). Pack options include things like LED light bulbs, advanced SmartStrip power strips, pipe insulation, hot water temp gauge, high-efficiency shower heads, and water-saving bathroom faucet aerators. Focus On Energy partners with utilities across Wisconsin to help residents and businesses reduce energy waste.

Stay tuned! Come back for more Eco Tips from Ryan Waite. We’ll share one each month in our Personal Lines Newsletter