The Midwest will be hit with dangerously low temperatures this week and with those temperatures come potential hazards for homeowners and drivers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, severe winter weather is the 3rd-largest cause of insured catastrophe losses. Luckily, many of the types of damage caused by winter hazards are covered by standard home and auto policies.

What winter hazards do homeowners policies typically cover?

  • Freezing conditions such as burst pipes or ice dams are covered. However, you must prove that you took reasonable steps to prevent these losses by keeping the house warm and properly maintaining pipes, drains and gutters. Here are tips to keep your pipes from freezing in your home.
  • Tree limbs that fall on a house or other insured structure on the property would be covered for both the damage the tree inflicts on the house and the cost of removing the tree, generally up to about $500.
  • Ice or other objects that fall on the home are also covered. Damage to the house (collapse) caused by heavy snow or ice is also covered.

What winter hazards do auto insurance policies typically cover?

  • If you cause damage to someone else’s property (structure or another car) due to icy roads, the property damage liability portion of your auto policy would provide coverage.
  • Collision coverage pay for damage to your car to you hit another car, property or object. It also covers pothole damage.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for physical damage to a car caused by heavy wind, flooding, fallen ice or tree limbs.

If you have to file a claim, contact us at Neckerman Insurance as soon as possible and make temporary repairs to prevent permanent damage. Let us know if you have coverage questions about your specific homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies.

Information from Insurance Information Institute