"Yesterday, Sindi completed the new policies for our 3 properties and two automobiles. We appreciate being able to have all the coverage with one company and it helps to have the umbrella coverage on all the properties as well as the automobiles. Sindi completed everything in a timely manner and the work was done as promised; despite it being her first day back from vacation. I found her to be knowledgeable, willing to follow up on specific questions and able to quickly get additional detail information and willing to make minor adjustments. Overall, I found her to be a very competent insurance professional and a very pleasant person to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Neckerman Agency and Sindi in particular to my friends and business associates. Thanks to you as well for recruiting, selecting and retaining competent staff."
David G.
"I’d been with my current insurance company for 15 years but after bumping into Ryan Waite around town a number of times I picked up the phone when my insurance renewal docs landed in my inbox to see if there was a better solution out there. Ryan collected my information, talked with me about my needs and called me a day later recommendations and options. He helped me to understand the gaps in my coverage and provided guidance for the best solution possible which, at that time, wasn’t one of his solutions. It a rare find to meet an agent that cares more about the best solution for someone over making a sale. Ryan’s at the top of my list for an annual insurance review and I look forward to working with him in the future."
Justin H.
"As a new customer at Neckerman, I have been so impressed with Ryan's prompt, professional service. He lower our rates while providing us with much better coverage than we had before, all within a couple days. Nothing but a positive experience!!"
Katie S.
"Excellent personal service. Recently we were shopping for a new car and our usual contact was out for the Holidays. Someone was monitoring email inquiries and got us what we needed within hours of asking. Allowed us to purchase the vehicle with no glitches. Thanks!"
Paul V.
"Each time we've had a claim, question or needed to change anything Roya has been wonderful. She is always helpful, and most of all available for counsel. My view has always been don't mess with success."
Don B.
"Everyone is nice, helpful, and pleasant to talk with!"
Michael & Lynne O.
"I have received excellent professional attention to all of my questions and concerns. Agent is understanding and resourceful in finding the best way to meet my needs. I highly recommend Neckerman Insurance Services."
Laura A.
"I've always used independent insurance agents. When I had a claim Neckerman and Cincinnati Insurance handled it as I would have, in a professional no nonsense way."
Christina B.
"We've been with Neckerman for probably 25 years. We trust them. The response to any question we might have is quick and complete. They follow up. It's simply great customer service from the entire team."
David C.
"Dale and Neckerman's have been able to meet my coverage needs cost effectively and are super to work with . I highly recommend Dale and this company , you can trust that you will be taken care of."
Mary Repking

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