What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

“Yesterday, Sindi completed the new policies for our 3 properties and two automobiles. We appreciate being able to have all the coverage with one company and it helps to have the umbrella coverage on all the properties as well as the automobiles. Sindi completed everything in a timely manner and the work was done as promised; despite it being her first day back from vacation. I found her to be knowledgeable, willing to follow up on specific questions and able to quickly get additional detail information and willing to make minor adjustments. Overall, I found her to be a very competent insurance professional and a very pleasant person to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Neckerman Agency and Sindi in particular to my friends and business associates. Thanks to you as well for recruiting, selecting and retaining competent staff.”
-David G.

“Dale at Neckerman Insurance has been our agent (agency) for over 13 years. They’ve provided excellent service. Any time we’ve needed questions answered or assistance they’ve been 100% on top of it. We would have no hesitation recommending Dale at Necerkman to anyone. We’re lucky to have such a committed and honest agent and team. They’ve been an invaluable asset in helping to protect our interests.”
-Candice P.

“I’ve had a great experience with Neckerman Insurance. They are very kind, thoughtful, and quick to respond to questions.”
-Alexandra T.

“I’d been with my current insurance company for 15 years but after bumping into Ryan Waite around town a number of times I picked up the phone when my insurance renewal docs landed in my inbox to see if there was a better solution out there. Ryan collected my information, talked with me about my needs and called me a day later recommendations and options. He helped me to understand the gaps in my coverage and provided guidance for the best solution possible which, at that time, wasn’t one of his solutions. It a rare find to meet an agent that cares more about the best solution for someone over making a sale. Ryan’s at the top of my list for an annual insurance review and I look forward to working with him in the future.”
-Justin H.

“I suppose that if Nate Huset moved to the South Pole, then we would have to move our small business to the South Pole. Our business is rather unique, not just in Madison, but regionally, and most likely nationally. Nate KNOWS our small business: He knows what insurance coverage it needs, he knows what it doesn’t need, and he knows the best insurance products for proper coverage. Nate is a professional and knowledgeable advocate for our business with insurance underwriters. We are well into our second decade of working with Nate Huset. We trust him. I just hope he doesn’t move to the South Pole. I understand that it is colder than Wisconsin.”
-S W Tait.

“Keely, I wanted to thank you for your fast response and everything you did to help me with my insurance. You really did a great job. I am really pleased with the service right now and I appreciate all the help you and Marcy gave me. Thanks for showing me that I have a great company handling my auto insurance and is looking out for me and my family. Thanks again!”
-Sarah K.

“I highly recommend Neckerman Insurance Services. I’ve worked with Neckerman for both my personal and business insurance needs. As a well-respected, local and independent insurance agency, I truly value their advice and expertise on all types of insurance products to help mitigate risks for my employer and my personal assets. I’ve found their staff to be extremely responsive, friendly, and helpful with all questions. I recommend Neckerman without hesitation and consider them a best-in-class agency.”
-Cailin M.

“Your excellent service and personal touch have helped us grow and succeed. We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough times. Simply put, Neckerman is the best.”
-Jim K.

“We moved from our old insurance to Neckerman to keep it local in Madison. Our rep, Ryan Waite, worked with us to find the best possible solution for our family, weighing not only cost but the best coverage for our needs. We love Neckerman Insurance!”
-Melissa J.

“The team at Neckerman found me the best car, life and home insurance saving me a lot of money and getting me better coverage. Working with them is so easy. What a team of friendly people. They blow AF out of the water. Would never use anyone else. A+”
-Christopher U.

“Just wanted to say a huge Thank You to the Neckerman team … you have always provided excellent customer service and it’s wonderful to have a trusted resource to count on!”
-Meghan V.

“I wanted to write you a quick note to say how pleased I was with the recent service provided by your employee, Olivia Nordeng.  Olivia exceeded my expectations by making the process of reviewing our coverages, summarizing the quotes and costs in an easy to read and understand manner, and then completing all paperwork in such quick fashion!  She was fast, efficient, and followed through on all questions.  She documented our changes in email too.  She was pleasant to deal with and raised my comfort level with the changes by her prompt and complete responses.  I wanted to let you know she really made a difference! ”
-Mary B.

“I’ve been thrilled working with Ryan Waite on a business insurance purchase. We have very specific needs and Ryan went way out of his way to find a company whose policy would work for us. He’s a great guy and great asset and we recommend him without reservation!”
-Sam W.

“Love working with Neckerman Insurance! They make things so easy and are totally on the ball about finding the best rates and services to fit my needs!”
-Jeni B.

“Olivia, you were awesome clearing this up for me!  I really appreciate it.  I can’t tell you how comforting it is to be able to call on Monday morning and get answers so quickly.”
-Tom W.

“I highly recommend Ryan Waite of Neckerman Insurance. I am a Real Estate Consultant with The Alvarado Group and recently helped out-of-town clients purchase two investment properties in Madison. The transaction appeared to be going smoothly while the buyers were in Europe the month before closing. They returned five days prior to close to find that their insurance had fallen through due to the nature of the student rentals. In a pinch, I called Ryan and he was able to move very quickly and coordinate the transaction. If it weren’t for his quick, knowledgeable response, we would not have been able to close on time. Other insurance agents had told my client it couldn’t be done in the amount of time we had to close. Without hesitation, Ryan got it done. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf.”
-Katharine W.

“Thank you to Olivia and Nicole for being *ABSOLUTELY AMAZING* I’ve thanked them a hundred times but I don’t think it’s enough. I’m in the middle of switching agents and policies after totaling my car last weekend and what I thought would be the biggest headache has turned into something not huge at all. They have never made me wait more than 10 minutes for a response to a phone call or email and have a full response to EVERYTHING. To top it off they are saving me at least $20/mo on my premium. Thanks guys!!!”
-Megan A.

“I finally decided I wanted no part of my own insurance details so I chose to go with Ryan Waite as my insurance agent. He is knowledgeable and friendly and is extremely trustworthy so I figured I was all set. One day last week I got an email from him and he asked me to call him when I had a minute. Ryan and Adam had, out of nowhere and without a request from me, researched all options out there for my auto insurance (even though I had 3 months left on the current policy) and had found an identical policy that saved me $600 a year. It sounds like a cheesy commercial, but it actually happened! Essentially, I called Ryan Waite and he gave me $600. Thank you Ryan and Adam. You guys are the best, I’ll never go anywhere else for insurance!!”
-Larry R.

“Olivia, thank you SO much for doing that for me.  Certainly above and beyond what I expected.  I have to say I am extremely glad that I got my insurance through Neckerman because [you] have been so incredibly helpful whenever I’ve had questions, and you definitely just made my day as well.”
-Melissa B.

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent customer service Nicole Mani provided. She did a great job and I appreciate her assistance.”
-JoAnn S.

“Katie, you guys are so efficient whenever we have a request, thank you again!”
-Josie L.

“Teressa … thanks very much for your help with this!  Once again, Neckerman Insurance Services performs!!”
-Tim C.

“Ok, Olivia is great 🙂 Just wanted to pass along that I’m getting AWESOME customer service :)”
-Mel J.

“Thanks Teressa. You are so wonderful to work with on these necessary life lines. ”
-Amy D.

“Ryan – You are AWESOME! Seriously…you’re going to down in history as the best insurance man EVER. I am blessed to have you in my corner. THANK YOU!!”
-Nancy H.

“Thanks Ryan, our experience was as wonderful as could be expected after having an auto accident – Neckerman insurance provides just unbelievably good customer service, we recommend you to anyone who asks. Also, Abra Auto Body provided amazing service as well. Thanks for asking.”
-David & Alicia

“You folks are wonderful! Thank you.”
-Thelma W.